Just a few days ago my roommate and I were complaining to ourselves that our Netflix streaming rates had been terrible lately.  This confused us greatly, as our Verizon FIOS ISP guarantees that our download speeds are faster than anything else in the city.  A simple test at speedtest.net showed that we were still getting […]


Very exciting news about the discovery of two planets within the habitable zone of a distant star! New Earth-like Planets Found Orbiting Sun-Like Star Of particular note is that the planets are roughly Earth-sized, as well.  While this doesn’t have too much bearing on anything for life that could possibly (or possibly have) originate(d) there, […]

Pretty sweet!  I just hope that in my lifetime we can actually get close-up images (and other info, too) of an extrasolar planet.  We probably won’t, but hey, one can hope. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/09/130930210823.htm On a side note, I’m very busy these days, as I work seasonally (helping high school kids get into college) and this is […]

This is a fascinating video on the nature of Cephalopod camouflage.  There are some amazing video captures of live Octopi in their natural environments. http://www.sciencefriday.com/video/08/05/2011/where-s-the-octopus.html

This is big news!  For years we’ve been fighting AIDS, and until this bit of the news the best we’ve done is make it manageable (which is still pretty impressive).  Still, managing AIDS over a lifetime is still only possible in first-world countries and with particular diligence.  An actual vaccine can have a huge effect […]

Interesting article on a new method of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence: looking for small pulses of laser light. What’s most impressive, in my opinion, is the ability to detect single photons of light, since laser pulses from very far away would be very faint by the time they reach us.  Very cool…though, statistically, still very […]

There is no source link in this article, but if this is true it’s a pretty fascinating invention–especially combined with the idea of powering brain implants.  Is this a significant step on the road to fully functional bionic implants a la William Gibson’s speculative future? Scientists Generate Electricity Using Human Brain! | RealityPod.

New type of propulsion for spacecraft.  Not too big quite yet, but this could replace chemical rockets one day soon. http://futurescope.tumblr.com/post/59188200370/ion-thruster-sets-world-record-while-the-dawn

Hello there Humanity Going readers! In my daily perusing of the internet, I come across a lot of information that would interest the casual science aficionado.  Here at Humanity Going, I’ve been saving my posts for those that provoke some thought within my head, or that could lead to a dialogue on a certain subject. […]

This is an interesting summary article about something that a lot of people don’t get to read about in science news, namely the practical challenges that come along with integrating solar power into the existing electrical grid.  With the whole grid currently built around the more “standard” ways of generating electricity, some adaptation will be […]