Issues Facing the Implementation of Solar Power

This is an interesting summary article about something that a lot of people don’t get to read about in science news, namely the practical challenges that come along with integrating solar power into the existing electrical grid.  With the whole grid currently built around the more “standard” ways of generating electricity, some adaptation will be required to effectively incorporate more clean energy sources en masse.

Scaling Solar Power May Demand Updated Electric Grid

I find two interesting things to note about this article:  One, it seems that the technology exists already to address these issues (which is certainly nice) and thus the added costs mentioned in incorporating these things will only be at the front end.

Two, the last paragraph is particularly interesting with regards to some of the required technology.  Islanding is apparently not a problem, which is also nice.  With luck, the prediction that a solar and wind powered grid can be achieved at costs comparable to today’s rates by 2030 will come true.


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