New Feature: Quick Hits

Hello there Humanity Going readers!

In my daily perusing of the internet, I come across a lot of information that would interest the casual science aficionado.  Here at Humanity Going, I’ve been saving my posts for those that provoke some thought within my head, or that could lead to a dialogue on a certain subject.  I like posting with the knowledge that I’m adding something relevant from my own head to the information I present.  I love doing this, and it’s still my main priority here, but every day I find so much out there that I know you all would also find interesting.  And, since I have this wonderful space in which I can share such things, why shouldn’t I?

With that in mind, I’m proud to announce Quick Hits, Humanity Going’s new section of quick science tidbits, developments, or commentary that I feel you all would find worthy of knowing.  They will be short posts with links to the information without much added input from me.  Some Quick Hits may eventually turn into Humanity Going articles, but at the very least I want to share what I’ve found with you.

What does this all mean?  More cool science!  I will still post a feature article every week or so to delve deeper into those subjects that get me thinking, but in the meantime I’ll hopefully keep your interests piqued with the cool stuff I find out there.



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