Hi there!  I’m Dave.

My interests in scientific progression have guided me to a popular interest in the cutting edge.  Whether it’s a functioning invisibility cloak (number 5), a functioning bionic eye that uses wireless technology, or the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the frontiers of science, technology, and development are moving forward in fascinating ways.  And I love that they are…but I don’t just love them for the “wow!” factor.  I love them because they give us a good indication of where we are going as a people, as a scientific community, and as a culture. These scientific developments are fascinating not just because of the science, but because of the thought, the speculation, that they inspire.  Are all of these developments helpful or useful?  Are some of them dangerous?  What do they say about the socio-cultural directions in which we are moving?  What will these developments mean for us now, two years from now, or fifty years from now?  These are the questions that drive me, along with the curiosity and excitement that come from learning about the new things that are out there or on the horizon.

So that’s what this blog will cover.  About once per week I will write not only about the cool stuff that I find out there, but also what these cool things suggest about our society and it’s development.  Consider it Futurism meets Philosophy.  Together, hopefully they can give us a better picture of where humanity is going.

Indeed, welcome to Humanity Going!


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