NeverWet: The Product to Waterproof Anything?

Ever see that spray-on stuff that you can spray on your car windshield to make water just roll off your car?  Pretty neat…though only marginally useful.  But what if that product were A) perfected, and B) could be applied to ANYTHING?  That’s what it looks like the soon-to-be-released-in-America product NeverWet, made in conjunction with Rust-Oleum, can do.

Check out the promotional video on YouTube:

NeverWet Arrives – Hands-on Product Demonstration

The sheer level of demonstration in this video is already staggering for everyday use:  Turning a cardboard box into a waterproof cooler, coating clothing to make it completely stain resistant, making an iPhone completely waterproof…all of these things are incredibly useful and pretty amazing.  A simple two-layer spray is all you need, and in about 15 minutes anything is waterproof. My favorite images from this video are the chocolate syrup and mustard sliding right off a pair of white shoes, and the perfectly dry cardboard icebox (perfect for those summer barbecues!).

There are, of course, some questions.  The first and foremost is safety.  But by the looks of things in the video, the material is safe to use bare-handed and looks to be safe in contact with the skin.  If one assumes the company has put its product through proper safety testing and had the proper regulators see the information, the fact that it’s already on the shelves at Home Depot is very encouraging.  The other big question is how long the spray will last. On the website, it suggests to reapply the top coat when water no longer runs off the surface, but it doesn’t say how long that usually is. I maintain hope that it lasts quite a long time.

More information (though not much more, it seems) is available on the product website here.

Better living through Chemistry and Physics: the epitome of the future of every-day life, in my opinion.


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